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Grape Ink was founded to embody our passion of the artistic nature of wine, utilizing the north most vineyards of the Willamette Valley.

Our devotion is to highlight the subtleties that separate ordinary and extraordinary, creating honest wines rich in personality, complexity, and tension.

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Through finding the specific tones and frequencies that create some of the greatest wines in the world, we challenge the current model of premium wines offering only limited releases of what is undoubtedly special.

Quantity is our antithesis, we are only focused on releasing the highest quality expressions that are obtained through dedicated separation of our vineyards reaching all the way to 1500ft.

These cool high elevation vineyard sites have been chosen based on the extended length of the growing season, increased structure that is induced by the ripping winds of the Columbia Gorge, and unique soil type full of quartz and pisolitic limestone unique to high elevation sites with windblown loess over deep layers of volcanic soil.

Treating each parcel and micro parcel as a color in the painting and creation of his final wines, viticulturist and wine maker, Jarad Hadi is a true Vigneron.

Playing both roles as a (Vigneron) farmer and wine maker gives the ability to farm each cluster for the specific profiles that are needed to create something truly special.

Wine Maker: Jarad Hadi

Jarad Hadi is a poet and winemaker born and raised in the Willamette Valley. He works as a vineyard and winery consultant and has produced wines in Argentina, France, California and Oregon.  He was classically trained earning a masters degree in wine making and viticulture from the University of Bordeaux and has studied and worked alongside the eyes and tastebuds of Chateau Pichon Comtesse, consultants of Margaux, Lafite, Mouton, Latour and Cheval Blanc. Also instrumental to Jarad’s experience is paid back to the support and mentorship of Michael Silacci of Opus One and Victoria Coleman of Lobo wines. Jarad farms and produces wines for Grape Ink while concurrently developing high elevation vineyards in Oregon and California.