Special Release

Pure Wines Aged in Italian Glass

Quantities of Damigiana are limited

Only 60 Bottles of “Animal House” 2019 are currently available

$35/bottle + Shipping

Animal House” (2019) tells the story of Brett, a naturally occurring yeast that occurs in wine aged with oxygen and low sulfur levels.  Brettanomyces at certain levels has lent part to some of the greatest wines in the world from Châteauneuf de Pape, First Growth Bordeaux’s and some of the greats from Tuscany.  This small bottling allows curious drinkers to understand the complexity of leather and spice that it can bring to a wine.

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Three new Damigianas will be made available Summer of 2021.  White – Red – Rosé.

Each wine a new expression of a familiar color but a very unfamiliar taste not yet explored crafted through blending in the field and utilizing divergent forms of fermentation and aging.

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