Special Release

Pure Wines Aged in Italian Glass

Quantities of Damigiana are limited to 3 bottles per person please.

Only 60 Bottles of “Inverse Relations” 2020 are currently available

$35/bottle + Shipping

Inverse Relations” (2020) tells the story of utilizing grape stems in the elaboration of white wine. The incorporation of grape stems during fermentation is an age old process that is often used in producing incredible red wines, however, almost never used in creating white wines. Serving as an integral component of some of the best red wines in the world, it is still a mystery why it is not used to bring complexity to other shades of grapes and styles of wine in the world?  This small bottling allows curious drinkers to understand the complexity of aromas and texture that infusing grape stems can bring to a white wine.

The Piece and Process:

18 days stem infusion

Pressed gently by hand

Willamette Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Aged 12 months in a glass Damigiana

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Damigiana #3 will be made available Spring of 2022.  A Flor Aged Rosé.

Each wine a new expression of a familiar color but a very unfamiliar taste not yet explored crafted through blending in the field and utilizing divergent forms of fermentation and aging.

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