The Art of Wine | The Wine of Art

Our wines are a devotion to the artistic potential that is found through farming and winemaking and our labels follow these principles.  Each label is a symbolic and foundational aspect of Grape Ink’s wines.  

Nebbioso, 2019

The labels are created and curated by Italian artist Giulia Schiavon.  Giulia’s labels are routinely large hand painted pieces on canvas that are then printed on each bottle.

These labels are often inspired through tasting of a new wine, allowing the artist to communicate the wine through her work. In other examples the wine is inspired through the appreciation of a painting, allowing the winemaker to dive into a new creation with a divergent style.

A culinary ekphrasis, this fashion of communication between two forms of art challenges an artist to approach a piece of work from a unique perspective gifting an original but cohesive piece.