2018 Grape Ink 1er Cuvée

Grape Ink 1er Cuvée is a selection of the single best barrel of the 2018 vintage

Aged 20 months in barrel and 1 year in bottle

Quantities of our 1er Cuvée are limited

Only 3 Cases of each, Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, have been held back for the Mailing list

2018 Grape Ink Chardonnay 1er Cuvée  $90/bottle + Shipping

2018 Grape Ink Pinot Noir 1er Cuvée  $49,50/bottle + Shipping

GRAPE INK “1er Cuvée” (2018) Chardonnay is an instance where raw material triumphs over any technique.  This is an example of an Oregon Original, a wine with a deep sense of place that can stand up next to any of the best Chardonnays of the world and was created to stand the tales of time. The personality, transparency, tension and vivacity is what kept this barrel by itself.  No racking, no finning, no filtration this is a pure example of the incredible potential of high elevation Oregon Chardonnay.

GRAPE INK “1er Cuvée” (2018) Pinot Noiris one of the only examples that exist of a single vineyard Pinot Noir bottled from 950 Ft Elevation in the northernmost region of the Willamette Valley in North Plains.  The wine comes from old vines planted at the peak of the ridge.  This wine is a pure expression of its origin and vintage: showcasing a true balance of depth and vibrancy that can only be achieved through farming Pinot Noir in cold climates.

These wines are intended to be celebrated upon opening or cellared for decades.

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Each 1er Cuvée release is the highest expression of the vintage coming from rigorous separation of our high elevation vineyards through precision viticulture and long aging regimes in the cellar.

These wines are un-fined and unfiltered capturing the purity of their origin.

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